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Croydon's Micro Hub's enthusiasm for the arts, come and get creative with us!

paints and pencils
Art supplies

More about us at the Creative Micro Hub:

Linda and Mandy are an artist duo based in Croydon who specialise in prop making, photography and using film to tell stories.

When producing content, we enjoy keeping a fun and positive energy to the working space.

Aerial shot of different notepads
What will we plan next?
We are looking forward to future projects, with the work being enriched by the micro-hub, with ideas flowing, celebrating an enthusiasm for the arts, which encourages us to constantly explore new materials and techniques. The collaborative micro hub will cultivate a playfulness and experimentation with art and ideas.

Come and be part of the creative micro hub, contribute to its unique artistic identity.

Leaves on a washing line colours fade from green to red
What will you create?
We are passionate about our creative practice, always learning and honing our skills. For us it's not just a job, it's a creative mindset and lifestyle. Mandy and Linda x
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