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Here i love you film poster


Delighted Here I Love You Triptych winner of Best Experimental Film 


Margarita dog jumping in the air, with a tree behind

We've been commissioned to make a film funded by The British Academy about Ancient Rome. The focus is on the life of a dog - Margarita.

Three senior women are sitting at a dining table for the Fitzwilliam Museum film

We have recently finished editing a follow-up film for the Fitzwilliam Museum's that reflects on the Feat & Fast exhibition's impact.

November -  2019

ballot box voting

In the last few weeks we produced a campaign video for the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for London’s Streatham constituency. The film did very well and received lots of positive social media engagement.

June -  2019

screening film at Twenty Love event
Here I Love You still

Lovely evening at the screening!

Girl Lithe and Tawny still for the film

February 2019

September 2018 

James and Linda at their screening of Ghost Towns in Portsmouth

Ghost Towns screening in Portsmouth

June 2018 News

Bridge over water
aerial shot of houses and green space.

Filming began for Fragments

forest trees in Scotland

January 2018 News

January 2018

Call out for stories

January 2018

Planning the Ghost Towns screening and exhibition.

January 2018

Out of Love will be screened as part of Faith programme, more info

Queerbee film fest logo, multi coloured bee with bright yellow wings and projector wheels on them.
A broken clock on the wall. Hands show the time stopped at 6.26
Padlock of fence with love painted in white on it.

December 2017 News

Wide image of a derelict wooden house surrounded by brown grass in Canada.

We have donated one of our images from our documentary, Ghost Towns (part of mystery art) - From 13th to 15th December at Mall Galleries, London SW1.. Very pleased to announce this was sold to help support the charity. 

Art for Youth logo
Filming at charity event.Darkened room with projector screen at the end, faces of children on them.
Olaf on a red chair
Olaf's frozen adventure board with two women looking to camera and smiling

Filming at the launch event for Together for Short lives and Disney

November 2017 News

October 2017 News

On location filming a music video

Busy day filming, Slow Down.


Backs of two heads looking at an editing screen.

Day in the studio with Lots Holloway


Lots Holloway looking direct into camera, at night, empty road to the side of her, few street and car lights in distance

 We are delighted that Lots Holloway's new music video, 'Slow Downwas released today.  


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