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Portsmouth Festivities 

Young Carers Media took part in various workshops over several months learning how to make a film. Here are a few photos from the workshops.


Produced and Filmed by Young Carers in Portsmouth - commissioned as part of the Portsmouth Festivities 2019,


This film was screened at the closing event on 23rd June.

Song: Night Owl
Artist: Broke for Free 
License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Young Carers in Portsmouth also took part in workshops, they created short stop-frame animations about the things they love.

20 square Images of items young carers love. It was for an exhibition.
20 love logo
10 of the 20 items, young carers love.
Closeup of 4 items, 3 teddies and a snooker cue.
10 squared images of things young carers love.
4 squares of images of things young carers love

Young Carers in Portsmouth are taking part in photography and filming sessions leading up to the festival, more information on the festival

The Young Carers were asked to photography something they love, here are their photos.

A cut out photograph of a toddler smiling.
Portsmouth Festivities with the support of Santander were able to run workshops with Egg and Spoon Films
There are over 1000 young carers currently known to Porstmouth young carers service, it's estimated 4000 with many more hidden carers.
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