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My services

Updated: May 6

Contact me to discuss location and dates for all services.

Supporting your short documentary

Twelve hours of practical support for your short documentary. Use of Canon C100 II for x2 production days - guidance and support with all aspects of pre, production and post.

Please contact me to discuss your film and schedule an initial meeting to plan and discuss your potential next film.

Lego stopframe animation

Unleash your inner creativity with a Lego stopframe animation session (three hours). Build your own Lego set and bring it to life through the stop-motion animation process using an app. It's the perfect experience for both kids and adults to explore the world of animation and storytelling using everyone's favourite building bricks.


Experimenting with lenses

Contact me to discuss dates. Four hour practical session using my Canon 5d Mark II camera, using various prime lenses. Focus on Wide/Macro/Portrait/Landscape/telephone/nature

All equipment provided. But you can also bring along your own camera/lens.

Location to be discussed, may involve extra travel charges.

Shutter Speed and Post Production (Winter months only)

Unlock your creative potential with my Shutter Speed and Post Production session. Join me for a hands-on session exploring various shutter speeds and editing techniques. Book now!

Contact me to discuss dates. No experience needed. All equipment available for use.

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